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Please select the appropriate Year to see a Listing of, and read the Notes below for additional Information on our Technical Reports.

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Additional Reports:

Some Notes concerning our Technical Reports:
  1. The numbering counts through CS and math reports. We list both, and will add hyperlinks to online versions of math reports when we get aware of them, but for up-to-date information on math reports, please see the math dpt.'s listings at: http://www.mathematik.uni-trier.de:8080/abteilungsinfos/veroeffentlichung.html.
  2. The reports are given as postscript files. Please don't ask for HTTP etc. versions, I'll be glad if I can keep up with the PS versions. In the case of CS reports, you might try looking into the author's personal home page for other versions; I recommend to start from the List of all known Homepages.
  3. The hyperlinks at the numbers reference the report's abstract, while the hyperlinks at the titles reference the full postscript text.

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Tech Report List - Gennadi Umanski - 05-Dec-1994 / 9-Jun-2005