CHI Extended Abstracts 2010: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

alt.chi: alternative methods

alt.chi: i need your input

alt.chi: imagine all the people

Doctoral consortium

Media showcase session 1

Media showcase session 2

Media showcase session 3

Media showcase session 4

Panel session 1

Panel session 2

Panel Session 3

SIGs session 1

SIGs session 2

SIGs session 3

SIGs session 4

Work-in-progress, April 12-13

Work-in-progress, April 14-15

Student research competition


Session: call centers

Session: language 2.0

Session: medical exploration

Session: tagging

Session: software and methods

Session: bang a table

Session: interactions in the world

Session: tools affecting the enterprise

Session: on the phone

Session: usability methods and new domains

Session: cooking, classrooms, and craft

Session: finding your mojo and doing some