8. FSKD 2011: Shanghai, China

Fuzzy Theory and Algorithms

Fuzzy Theory and Models

Rough Set

Computing with Words

Soft Computing and Granular Computation

Fuzzy Applications

Fuzzy Pattern Recognition and Diagnostics

Fuzzy Robotics and Control

Fuzzy Signal Processing and Multimedia

Fuzzy Optimization, Design, and Modeling: Part 1

Fuzzy Optimization, Design, and Modeling: Part 2

Uncertainty Management

Other Fuzzy Applications

Knowledge Discovery Foundations

Association Rules



Privacy Preserving Data Mining

Statistical Methods for Data Mining

Parallel/Distributed Data Mining

Knowledge Management


Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence: Part 1

Artificial Intelligence: Part 2

Other Topics in Knowledge Discovery Foundations

Knowledge Discovery in Specific Domains

High-Dimensional Data Mining

Temporal Data Mining

Bioinformatics and Bio-Medical Informatics