35. HICSS 2002: Big Island, Hawaii, USA

35th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-35 2002), CD-ROM / Abstracts Proceedings, 7-10 January 2002, Big Island, HI, USA. IEEE Computer Society, 2002 - Track 9

Advances in Software Specification and Verification (STSSV)

Domain-Specific Languages for Software Engineering (STDSL)

Enterprise Application Integration: Methodologies, Architectures, and Technologies (STEAI)

Integrated Modeling of Distributed Systems and Workflow Applications (STIMD)

Mobile Applications (STMAP)

Mobile Computing and Wireless Network (STMCW)

Peer-2-Peer E-commerce Systems and Applications (STPTP)

Trading of Intangible Goods (STTIG)