ICC 2011: Kyoto, Japan

Power and Energy Control

Energy-Aware MAC Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks

Resource Allocation and Opportunistic Access I

Privacy Technologies


Multimedia QoS provisioning

Channel Coding

Design of Reliable Networks

Router Architecture & Switch Design I

Energy Efficiency

Access Systems and Networks

Topics on Access Systems and Networks

Topics on e-Health

Topics on Satellite and Space Communication



Relay Systems I

Cognitive Radio I

Cooperative Communications I

Topics I on Wireless Communications

Cognitive Networking I

Game Theoretic Modeling

MAC Protocols

Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks

Spectrum Sensing Techniques I

Wireless Security

Ad-hoc Network Security

Multimedia QoS provisioning & Multicast

Topics on Communication Software, Services and Multimedia Applications

Coded Modulation

Topics on Communication Theory

QoS and Traffic Control

Topics on Communications QoS, Reliability and Modeling

Router Architecture & Switch Design II

Network Design and Control I

Satellite Networks



Relay Systems II

Energy Efficient Communications I

Resource Allocation I

Cognitive Networking II

802.16 / WiMAX Networks

Scheduling in Wireless Multi-hop Networks

Routing in Wireless Sensor and Mesh Networks

MIMO Techniques for Cognitive Radio Networks

Attack and Defence

Intrusion Detection

Quality of Experience for rich communication services

Channel Capacity

Quality and Performance in Wireless and Mobile Networks

Network Robustness & Survivability I

Network Design and Control II

Physical Layer Design for Satellite



Heterogeneous and Femtocell networks

Game Theory

Coding I

802.11 Wireless Networks

LTE system

Routing in Ad Hoc Networks