INFOCOM 1993: San Francisco, CA, USA - Volume 1

Proceedings IEEE INFOCOM '93, The Conference on Computer Communications, Twelfth Annual Joint Conference of the IEEE Computer and Communications Societies, Networking: Foundation for the Future, March 28 - April 1, 1993, San Francisco, CA, USA. IEEE, 1993, ISBN 0-8186-3580-0, Volume 1

Session 1A: Multimedia Traffic Modelling and Analysis

Session 1B: Wave Division Multiplexing

Session 1C: Multicasting

Session 1D: Conformance Testing and Interoperability

Session 2A: Modeling and Analysis of ATM Networks 1

Session 2B: Polling and Token Passing Networks

Session 2C: Packet Switched Networks

Session 3A: Admission and Congestion Control

Session 3B: MANs 1

Session 3C: Routing 1

Session 3D: ATM Networks