INFOCOM 1994: Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Volume 1

Proceedings IEEE INFOCOM '94, The Conference on Computer Communications, Thirteenth Annual Joint Conference of the IEEE Computer and Communications Societies, Networking for Global Communications, June 12-16, 1994, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. IEEE, 1994, ISBN 0-8186-5570-4, Volume 1

Session 1A: Wireless Networks 1

Session 1B: Performance 1

Session 1C: Congestion Control 1

Session 1D: Design of Optical Networks

Session 2A: Issues in High-Speed Protocols

Session 2B: Virtual Path Routing in ATM Networks

Session 2C: Discrete-Time Queues and ATM

Session 2D: High-Performance LANs 1

Session 3A: Multicast Switch Architecture

Session 3B: Performance Analysis of Video Services

Session 3C: Admission Control 1

Session 3D: Multi-Stage Optical Networks 1