INFOCOM 1999: New York, NY, USA - Volume 1

Proceedings IEEE INFOCOM '99, The Conference on Computer Communications, Eighteenth Annual Joint Conference of the IEEE Computer and Communications Societies, The Future Is Now, 21-25 March 1999, New York, NY, USA. IEEE, 1999, ISBN 0-7803-5417-6, Volume 1

Session 1A: Mobile IP and Tracking

Session 1B: Traffic Regulation and Specification

Session 1C: Routing and Reconfiguration

Session 1D: Web Caching

Session 1E: Modeling, Analysis, and Traffic Control

Session 2A: Ad-Hoc Networks

Session 2B: Performance Measurement and Estimation

Session 2C: Multicast Resource Allocation

Session 2D: High Performance Web Service

Session 2E: Reconfiguration and Blocking in WDM Networks

Session 3A: Traffic Measurement and Inference

Session 3C: Scheduling