GEOMLEP - The Geometry LEDA Extension Package


GEOMLEP (the Geometry LEDA Extension Package) provides algorithms and data structures from the field of Computational geometry in a C++ library. They enhance and complete LEDA (the Library of Efficient Data Types and Algorithms). LEDA is a standard tool for combinatorial and geometric computing.

GEOMLEP includes for instance data structures and algorithms for


Download the sources, unpack them with tar and gzip or with Winzip and follow the installation instructions in the INSTALL file or the manual. You need g++ (2.95 or higher) on UNIX (Linux/Solaris supported) or VC 6/7 or BCC 5.5 on Windows if you want to use this library. If you want to see support for other platforms/compilers in future versions please contact me. For building the library and the example programs on Windows you need Cygwin (see the link below). This is a very popular UNIX environment for Windows by Redhat. You also need LEDA (4.4).

Download the sources and documentation

Some precompiled graphical demo programs for Windows


Some pictures (screenshots of the alpha shapes and 3d Delaunay triangulation demos).


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