Generator GENRMF

This generator produces the RMFGEN networks developed by Goldfarb and Grigoriadis see 
"A computational comparison of the Dinic and Network Simplex methods for maximum flow". 
Annals of Operations Research 13 (1988), pp 83--123. Compatible with the DIMACS format.

Contributed by Tamas Badics.



     genrmf   [-out out_file]
                  -a frame_size -b depth 
                  -c1 cap_range1 -c2 cap_range2 
                  -seed seed

Here without the -out option the generator will write to stdout. 

The generated network is as follows: 

    It has b pieces of frames of size (a x a). 
    (So alltogether the number of vertices is a * a * b

    In each frame all the vertices are connected with their neighbours (forth and back).
    In addition the vertices of a frame are connected one to one with the vertices of next 
    frame using a random permutation of those vertices. 

    The source is the lower left vertex of the first frame, the sink is the upper right vertex 
    of the b'th frame. The capacities are randomly chosen integers from the range of (c1, c2
    in the case of interconnecting edges, and c2 * a * a for the in-frame edges.

genrmf -a 2 -b 3. All unlabeled edges have maximum capacity.