Generator washington

The generatror is able to generate 11 types of networks. 
Contributed by seminar students working with Richard Anderson. 
Compatible with the DIMACS format.



    wash <seed> <fct> <arg1> <arg2> <arg3> 

Command line arguments have the following meanings: 

       fct:                          index of desired graph type 
       arg1, arg2, arg3:       meanings depend on graph type 
                                      (briefly listed below: see code comments for more info) 


Graphtype Parameter
1 Mesh Graph rows cols maxcapacity 
2 Random Level Graph rows cols maxcapacity
3 Random 2-Level Graph rows cols maxcapacity 
4 Matching Graph vertices degree 
5 Square Mesh side degree maxcapacity
6 Basic Line rows cols degree
7 Exponential Line rows cols degree 
8 Double Exponential Line rows cols degree
9 DinicBadCase vertices (causes n augmentation phases) 
10 GoldBadCase vertices 
11 Cheryian dim1 dim2 range